5 Tips on Dating a Nigerian Lady

Nigerian girls are beautiful, amazing, intelligent, proactive, and like other ladies from other parts of the world yearns to be loved, cared for, and cherished. While there are basic universal rules on dating, some of these rules might not work perfectly where a Nigerian lady is concerned because they have a different perspective about life, and relationships. Likewise, Nigerian ladies, as a result of the richness in culture also exhibit good morals and have high values, and this might explain the reason for the high degree in inter-racial dating and marriages today, as a lot of visitors to the country easily fall in love with Nigerian women.

Like every woman in the world, a Nigerian lady wants to be sure she gets the best, so if you are looking to date a Nigerian lady, you would need to make sure to bring in your A-game. She wants to be sure you are the real deal, and can make her happy. So in the event that you are looking to date, or presently dating a Nigerian lady, here are some tips that will help.

Nigerian lady


Every woman wants a responsible man, and Nigerian women particular can’t deal with men who aren’t responsible. One way to always win the love of a Nigerian woman is by showing deep sense of responsibility. They want to be sure you have something good to offer, they want a confident man who knows his onions. If you want to date a Nigerian lady, you must be a man who takes responsibility for his actions, can take care of his woman, stand for her and protect her. They want a man who can take charge of situations and also assure them that everything will be alright.


Nigerian ladies do not joke with this- they want a man who is proud to show them off to the world. So if you want to have a successful relationship with a Nigerian lady, you must seize every moment to let her know she means the world to you, and show the world that she does. Take her out, introduce her to your friends, and especially to your family. No Nigerian lady wants a man who hides her away; instead, they want to be sure they are the center of your world.


Nigerian women love gifts. We know every girl loves the idea of seeing a wrapped gift with their name on it, but gift holds more value when the package inside shows them that you care, listen to and pay attention to their needs and desires. It is important that you are sensitive to the needs of your woman; gift her things she needs without her necessarily having to ask for it directly. Try to remember the things she has mentioned lightly in your conversations together, the things she fantasizes about and loves, and then surprise her with these things. Also, make sure to get her a gift that impacts her intellectually, she sure would be thrilled always.


Communication is a vital ingredient for any successful relationship and Nigerian ladies definitely do not take effective communication lightly in relationships. When in a relationship with a Nigerian lady, you must give communication top priority. She wants you to tell her anything, and everything. She wants to be in the know as to what is going on with you per time; she wants you to always share your thoughts, hopes, plans, and views with her first. She wants to feel she holds an important part of your life, and that you trust her, and communicating with her assures her of this.


Nigerian girls are generally romantic, and they also, like most ladies, believe in the ‘Knight in shining armor’, ‘Happily ever after’ concepts. Never miss an opportunity to show to your woman that you love her. Surprise her with a gift, plan a get-away, throw her a surprise party, etc. Affirm her publicly, profess your love for her in the presence of your friends and family, hold her hands, give her soft kisses when you are both out, send a gift to her workplace and attach a card with some scribbled sweet words on it. Thrill her continuously and make her know she means the world to you- she’ll love you for it.

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