5 Tips to Date Black Men

Love that black man but don’t know how to get him attracted to you? You have been waiting for him to approach you but instead, he has been busy with some other things. Here is good news for you. Below are five basic tips to not only attract black men but also have them to date you. Black men are extremely different and have distinct thinking from white men.

black man

5 basic tips to attract black men:

1) Give Him A Sign:

Once you sight a black man you love, you don’t need to wait any longer. Give him a sign and let him know you are interested. However, this process needs to be subtle. If you go excessive, it may end up blowing you. Just give him a very slight cheeky smile. This would give him the impression of a higher chance with you.

2) Become the hunted, not the hunter:

Don’t forget, you aim is to be chased by men and not a hungry hunter. If you are too much in a rush, you may end up being taken for granted. Also, don’t assume you may meet again elsewhere. Therefore, you need to truly become the hunted and let him make the first move. If he doesn’t, move on!

3) Play Mind Games:

When it comes to mind games, it means you shouldn’t create an impression that you are really interested in him. Of course, winning him is your priority but you need to shift the responsibility to him. Let him feel happy to have your number. If he calls later, try and ignore his call/chat for some while before answering to show that you are a busy woman.

4) Dress Up Like You Are Going Out:

You have finally got to know him better and discussing frequently on phone. In fact, you have fixed a day for a date. Here comes another trick. Black men love ladies that look simple and amazing. So, don’t take your dressing so lightly. In fact, dress as if you are going for an award show. This sends a signal that you value your body and take care of them. More so, they will feel proud and want to be identified with you.

5) Reject Their First Offer:

Here is the ultimate key. Don’t be too easy to black men. If you do, you risk being taken for granted. Of course, you already like him and can’t wait to have him. Yet, you need to hide your feelings. Playing hard to get is a sure fire to winning him totally.

Worthy to say, you need to first reject his offer for a date. However, this should be done with a smile on your face. It will give him an impression that he can still win if he puts more effort.
Getting attracted to a black man and making him fall for you does not require special mathematical formula. All you need is just a few tips and tricks and you are all set. We hope the above points will help you a lot.

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